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Pressure washing services in Cairns

At Pete’s Painting Solutions, we do more than paint. Our pressure washing services are an economical method of giving your home’s exterior a fresh and clean look. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our professionals will effectively remove dirt, debris and mould from a variety of surfaces including driveways, paths and onsite structures. Over time, areas exposed to outdoor conditions become dirty, mouldy and potentially dangerous. For wood surfaces, this can lead to wood rot and deterioration if left alone.
The solution is to have exterior surfaces professionally pressure washed once a year. By regularly maintaining your home’s exterior with pressure washing, you’ll extend the life of your house coatings while keeping mould in check.
Pressure washing is also environmentally friendly. Because only pressurised water is used, we can generally keep away from harsh chemicals. However, there are some occasions when mould-killing chemicals are needed due to the nature of the environment. Our trained team is skilled at operating the equipment effectively without damaging delicate surfaces like trim or paint.
Pressure Washer Cleaning — Pressure Washing in Cairns, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pressure washing damaging to surfaces?
Not at all. Pressure washing equipment can be adjusted for the surface being washed. A professional trained in handling the equipment is best suited and will have the experience in proper cleaning techniques.
Why can’t I pressure wash my home’s exterior myself?