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Roof spraying in Cairns

If your roof is in good condition and needs a fresh appearance, it may benefit from the painting services of Pete’s Painting Solutions in Cairns. Your roof is highly visible, and if it’s worn or faded, it can make your home appear tired or not maintained. However, a painted roof enhances your home’s curb appeal and will add a finishing touch to your home’s exterior.

Due to the harsh environment up here in Far North Queensland, we find that Colorbond™ roof seems to get about 7-9 years lifespan before starting to fade and deteriorate as opposed to the 10-15 years you may expect down south. Generally, we also find that the roof screws begin to rust in line with the deterioration of the roof coatings. We have a roofer as part of the team that is more than happy to jump up and replace the screws prior to painting. This is very highly recommended, so the rust spots don’t push through your new paint.
Each of our team members is competent at working safely at heights. They will clean, prepare, and spray your roof to get it looking like new again. For two-story homes, we arrange for roof railing to ensure the safety of our workers. Providing in-house scaffolding eliminates the need to outsource, which results in saving money on the overall cost of the project.
More than for aesthetic reasons, painting your roof can lower your cooling costs. The right paint will reflect harmful UV rays and reduce heat absorption, making it economical as well as beautiful. Because we use only top-quality paint, you can rest assured knowing the savings will last for many years.
Worker with Pulverizer Paint — Roof Spraying in Cairns, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Does roof spraying increase the value of my home?
Giving your roof a new look may not add appraisal value to your home, but it does add curb appeal and therefore makes it easier to sell.
What types of roofs can be painted?