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Commercial painting in Cairns

Enhance the appearance of your business with the quality painting services from Pete’s Painting Solutions.
We also have in-house scaffolding and a large team. We’re fully licensed and insured, and all of our work is guaranteed. What this means for you is that we have the capacity and expertise to handle your large-scale project.
  • Retail stores
  • Apartment buildings
  • Multi-story office buildings
  • Schools
  • Council buildings
  • Libraries
  • Shopping centres
  • Resorts
We are Taubmans Accredited which allows us a lot of scope in ensuring we get the right products at the right time and in the right quantities. This also gives us lots of access to the Taubmans representative. This is great as it allows us to push any ‘hard’ to answer questions through to Taubmans Technical Team so we can get timely and, above all, accurate answers to allow us to move forward comfortably.

Our knowledgeable team will consult with you and make recommendations based on your company’s specific needs. Quotes are always free and are provided in 24 hours.
Modern Facade Painting — Commercial Painting in Cairns, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any downtime while painting my business?
That will depend on what’s being painted. For exteriors, there won’t be any downtime. For office or retail spaces, we may be able to work around trading hours or when your staffing is at a minimum. We’re happy to discuss which options will work best for your business.
Who needs to be present while the project is being completed?

Pete’s Painting Solutions has a very large portfolio of proven capabilities in the commercial sector in Cairns, some of them are:
  • The entire external of the Pullmans Reef Casino (under subcontract)
  • Mantra Trilogy tower 1 – all external (except for the abseiling) & internal
  • Nomad Serpents (Lake St) – Full external/internal with 80 roomsa
  • Tropic Plaza Bay Village Retreat – Full external & internal
  • Cocos Resort (Trinity Beach) – Full external & internal
  • Cairns Pavilions – the external of 2 of the buildings & most of the internal rooms
At Pete’s Painting Solutions, we tailor our services to suit your needs, providing a Scope of Work which outlines/consists of the following considerations:
  • Quote on labour, materials & access costs
  • The best possible cost-effectiveness, observing all WH&S legislation & requirements
  • Minimal impact on guests, staff & operations
  • Maintaining the highest possible production rates
  • Workmanship & manufacturer’s warranty
  • Qualified tradespeople, resources, experience & management systems

Our Past Work

Pete’s Painting Solutions offers a wealth of knowledge and experience developed over years servicing an extensive client base:
Nomads Serpents (Lake St)
PPS won the contract to refurbish this iconic 80+ bedroom hostel in October. This project lasted around 3 months and covered every facet of a complete major refurbishment, except the roof. We also had to contend with the property going up for lease mid contract, which left the original guidelines under contention. We were able to facilitate by working very closely with all parties. This remains our proudest job in the last 2 years and really highlights the strengths in our communication capacity, whilst delivering a premium product and service.
Mantra Trilogy
PPS was asked to repaint the Tower 1 externals, Tower 2 corridors and numerous room internals. A multitude of common areas have already been completed with a schedule of work completed in late 2018. This clearly illustrates our capacity for delivering quality work and maintaining strong relationships with our clients. The central location and constant traffic on this site have given PPS painters an opportunity to display their professional on-site behaviour and appearance.
Pullman Reef Hotel Casino
PPS won the contract for the external painting of the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino in 2015. The location and design of the building required the implementation of an access methodology comprising a combination of EWP, Abseiling & Scaffolding. The high profile and complex nature of this site is further evidence PPS’s capacity to deliver professional, high quality painting project on time and on budget, whilst maintaining the highest standards.