Quality Driveway Painting


Driveway painting in Cairns

Add value to your home by having the driveway painted by Pete’s Painting Solutions. There are a number of benefits to getting your driveway, carport, outdoor paths and patios painted/resealed and they are:
  1. To protect your driveway from weather conditions & water exposure
  2. To protect it from oil, grease & chemicals
  3. To improve its aesthetic appearance, shine & colour
  4. To make cleaning easier
  5. To prevent stains
There are a large number of factors to consider in painting concrete such as whether it’s bare or has been painted, the condition of the existing paint and the coarseness of the slab finish, just to name a few.

Our knowledgeable painters are happy to consult with you about our driveway painting services. They will also help you select the best colour and pattern for your home. We’re fully licensed and insured so you can trust our experience and work ethic to paint your driveway to your satisfaction.
Traffic Line Marking — Driveway Painting in Cairns, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the curing process take?
Generally, it’s recommended that you allow your freshly painted and driveway to cure at least 48 hours to walk on and a full week to drive on, depending on the weather.
Can I change the colour or am I stuck with the colour I pick?